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Anders Hjuler has been working with the picture media and the experimental sculpture since the mid-sixties and has now extended the repetoire with sculptures of glass, acryl on "roughboard", glass works, decoupage and pastel art.

I offer different exhibitions for Galleries and Artassociations - Kunstforeninger København, Sjælland,Fyn and Jylland. More than 300.000 visitors on this web-site

Education : Århus Art Academy 67-68 - Masters Degree Pedagogy Estetics and Art (cand.Pæd.Pæd.1990)Workshops in Paris, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, England,Denmark, Spain, Greece, Faroe Islands, Belgium, France

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Crete 2015 : Wall painting  (7 x 3 app) on Chania.  

6+7 sept,2014 : Street slam performance Gallery Shine Copenhagen. 

Lithouania Klaipeda 21/7-31/7 2014. Exhibition historical museum &   

Sculpture Park. Performance on theme : Life after life in garden          

2013 : Antanas Moncio Museum Palanga LT , Galleribe Ribe DK         

2012 : Holstebro Kunstmuseum, 35.000 scouts process painting         

2011 : Gallery SHINE Bali works, Faroe Islands Tchicai Performance  

2010 : England, Ely, Babylon Gallery, Italy Toscana, Pitigliano,