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Important Exhibitions:

Ribe Artmuseum 1971, Galleri Meyer, Esbjerg 1975, "Love and Chaos", Charlottenborg 1978, Galleri Sonne Holstebro 1990, Hvidovre censured Exhibition, Galleri Blidah, Hellerup 1993/1996, Galleri Loke, Gram 1995, Copenhagen Airport 1995, Farum House of Culture, Galleri Swan and Vitateket, Holstebro 2002, Galleri Cobra Ordrup 2003, Art museum & Nordic House, Faroe Islands 2003, Mariachurch, Copenhagen 2003,Gallery L`Éstacio,Barcelona 2004 (mannequins), Family Business Network, 2004 , Brekstad , Norway 2007, Baltic Bridges , Kaunas, Lithuania 2008, Galerija 13, Klaipeda, Lithuania 2008,Faroe Islands 2009,Baltic Bridges Biennale Vilnius 2010,Holstebro Art Museum 2012, Baltic Bridges Biennale 2012,Antanas Moncio Museum solo 2013, Galleribe solo Ribe 2013,Fortælle Galleriet Holstebro 2014 Philip Møller Galleri Horsens 2015 2018 Kirsten Kjær Museet Thy ,Venezia  2019 "The Room" Markus Pladsen,2020 Kulturhuset Måløv/Ballerup Performances on Faroe Islands 2003-2022 

Exhibitions in foreign countries:
Chania, Crete, Reykjavik,Iceland, Rome,Italy, Costa Del Sol,Spain, Faroe Islands, Beijing,China, Krakow,Poland, Patras, Greece, Warzawa,Poland,Riga, Latvia, Barcelona, Spain , Lithuania

The Most International Presentation:
The most International presentation : Two glasspaintings (2,10 x 1,40 m) represented in Copenhagen's International Airport,Københavns Internationale Lufthavn, København, Kastrup, Amager : Finger B, lounge 15 and 16. The paintings are made in co-operation with Anders' friend and artist Ole Werner Munck.( The title :" A Thousand and One Nights Duet". The paintings are” flow-dancing “ in their expression like many of the other womenfigures in glass and oilpastel. Anders especially paints the women with lots of black dots, that symbolize the many expressions and movements the women perform.

1990: Walldecoration on Holstebro Training School for Social Educators.To be restored Look current projects
1992: Water tower decoration in Roskilde.
1994: Wallpainting in Roskilde.
1996: Decoration in KIO,Dragon, København, Frederiksberg.
1996: Maskdecoration Carl Bro Copenhagen København, LINK
1996: Walldecoration Løjtegårdsskolen, Tårnby, København
1998: Roskilde Festival. M.v
2003/2006 Førøyar Læraraskúli

Sold to / represented at :
1989: The Royal Musicconservatorium, Copenhagen, Det Kongelige Musikkonservatorium , København
1989: The Royal Library, Copenhagen , Det Kongelige Bibliotek, København
1995: Gram City
1995: Holstebro, Viborg and Copenhagen Training Schools for Social Educators , Københavns Socialpædagogiske Seminarium, København, Sydhavn
1995: Copenhagen International Airport. 2 glassworks.Københavns Internationale Lufthavn, København, Kastrup, Amager
1995: The Danish consulate,Det Danske Konsulat, Patras, Greece.Grækenland
2000 : The Danish University of Education.DPU,København , Glasssculpture
2003 : Mariachurch in Copenhagen (Mariakirken, København, Vesterbro Cultural Night. Vesterbro Kulturnat
2003 : Tórshavn Training School for Teachers
2003 : Latvian Artists Union , Riga
2004 : Family Business Network, Australia, India, Italy, Scotland
2004 Galeria Éstaciò , Barcelona
2006 Faroese TV, Tórshavn
2007 : Trondheim Kommune 

2013 Nordic House Faroe Islands 

 2022 : Roskilde kommune 



Løvens Kemiske Kunstforening,København, SAS Kunstforening,København, WHO ,København,Lundbecks Kunstforening, København, Unisys Kunstforening, København, Ciba Geigy Kunstforening København,Benzons Kunstforening, København, Rambøls Kunstforening, København, Carl Bros Kunstforening, København, Cowis Kunstforening, København, DPUS Kunstforening, København, ABB-Lindbergs Kunstforening, København, DATAcentralens Kunstforening, København, Toms Chokolades Kunstforening, Ballerup, Siemens Kunstforening, Ballerup, Philips Kunstforening, København, PEN-SAM Kunstforening, Farum, Rhône-Poulencs Kunstforening, København, Mærsk Kunstforening, Kastrup Lufthavn, København, Den Danske Banks centrale Kunstforening, København City, Boligejernes Landsforenings Kunstforening, København City, Simonsen & Weels Kunstforening, København,Spies Rejsers Kunstforening, København, Vesterbro, Thrane & Thrane Kunstforening, København , Gladsaxe, GTO Kunstforening, København, Baltica Kunstforening, København, Assurandørernes Hus Kunstforening, København, Amalienborg, Kommunedatas Kunstforening, København, Norsk Hydros Kunstforening, København, Vesterbro, Bella Centers Kunstforening, København, Amager, Kusch & Co, Leverkusen, Gothersgade København, DJØF Kunstforening, København, Nørrebro, Radiometers Kunstforening, København, Husum, Codan Kunstforening, København, Frederiksberg, Københavns Lufthavne Kunstforening, København Kastrup, UNISYS Kunstforening, København, Østerbro, Det Kongelige Musikkonservatoriums Kunstforening, København, nu ved Forum, Det Kongelige Biblioteks Kunstforening, København, Centrum, Værløse Kommunes Kunstforening, Værløse,Kommunernes Landsforening,Herlev Hospital,Roskilde Kommunes Kunstforening Næstved Kunstforening 

Nordic Calligraphy and Magic:
The artist is now concentrated in working together and simultaneously along with musicians of all kinds. Intensely the artist has been working with the faroese composer Kristian Blak and they have been in "concerts" in The Nordic House and the Artmuseum in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands and in Denmark in The Faroese House and Copenhagen Training School for Social Educators twice. The Danish Radio DR - Cultural News (Kulturnyt)- has been involved a number of times 2003/2004. / kulturnyt.
Together with members from The Wärme Quartet he has been painting modern nordic and baltic chambermusic 2002/2003 e.g. The Cobra Gallery ( Also with Il Bastardo - a Klezmer and Gipsymusic band - he has performed calligraphic rythms in Mariachurch 2003
The most interesting event was perhaps the Faroese Jazz concert with birdsounds from The Faroe Islands togehter with Kristian Blak, piano and Morten Carlsen, saxes and birdsounds at the Frederiks Bastion in Copenhagen july 2004 /
Latvian watercolor symposium in Zvartava Castle 2004 with Nordic, Baltic and Irish Participants. Vernissage with Chinese, Finnish, Danish, Nordic Council of Ministers delegations.
Interactive, videodetective perfomance with Morten Carlsen , Taragot Friluftsraadet 2004, ,Tårnby Kommune 2004 with children interactive.
H.C.Andersen interactive project with Kristian Blak, Morten Carlsen & Cuban primaballarina Elizabeth Almeida 2005 in Estonia, Latvia (Riga, Liepaja) & Copenhagen.

2006 Interactive,videodetective dance & song project in Nordic House on Faroe Islands Den Harmoniske Port with Kristian Blak, Morten Carlsen & Aviaja Lumholt 2006
Klaksvik, Leikalund 2006,. Faroese TV with Yggdrasil 2006, Faroese Training School for Teachers , Teachers´ Congress 2006
Interactive, videodetective performance danc,e & singing Vikingmuseum in Ribe with Morten Carlsen, Aviaja Lumholt 2006

2007 DK, Ballerup Library, Performance with Morten Carlsen,taragot
Studytravel Shanghai ,works on exhibition 2007

2008 Estonia, Drumpainting and mandalawork on MUHU Festival Estonia with Nargen Opera with Villu Veski saophone and Erki Kannus ,designer
Mannequinpainting Opening of Baltic Bridges, international Watercolour Biennale Kaunas 2008 Lithuania with Emilia Amper Swedish special harp, Villu Veski , saxophones, Jens Nørremølle, piano, special pipe 4 mannequins on exhibitions
Klaipeda watercolour exhibition Lithuania Galerija 13 L 2008